Arizona Infrared Thermal Imaging Thermography

Our FLIR equipment is not just "state of the art", The technology is the same used on that of our military and on all attack aircraft. Ask us how we can literally see thru walls... We use Thermal Imaging to locate electrical hot-spots, missing insulation, water leaks, roof leaks, moisture intrusion, energy, heat loss, duct leakage, and the list gets larger... We have used infrared imaging at some of the largest and magnificent structures in the state including schools, hotels, hospitals, and offices...


 Thermal imaging inspections provides us with a picture of a specific condition of a home or building. Infrared cameras allow us the ability to see and locate what the naked eye is unable to detect. Infrared images can capture thermal anomalies from moisture or water damage, roof leaks, stucco, EIFS, chimney staining and window leakage. Infrared Scans are able to locate water and moisture intrusion in buildings by thermal patterns.

A Building Envelope survey can locate missing or deficient insulation, water leakage or moisture in homes, energy loss from windows and doors and flat roof surveys for water intrusion.

Infrared Inspections can be used as a tool prior to purchase of a home or real estate, before a warranty expires or as predictive and preventive maintenance of a residential home. Target Building Inspections Infrared surveys can pinpoint water damage, by locating leaks in buildings, roofs, and heat loss from missing or deficient insulation.



 Arizona Infrared Thermal Imaging Thermography Infra red Camera Inspection Phoenix, Scottsadale, AZ, Flir, Infrared Imaging equals better inspections and energy audits. We use our camera's to find electrical hot spots, water damage, moisture intrusion, flooding, mold, termites and even missing insulation in the walls and ceilings of a structure. Leaks in air ducts, clogged drains, floor leaks, and the list go's on and on... Mechanical and industrial applications include; Machine noise, bearing failure, overheating, cooling and more. We have even had requests to perform human infrared body art imaging. Equestrian saddle fitting and more.


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