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Residential Home Inspection

You've found your dream home!

Buying a residential home may be one of the biggest purchase you’ll ever make, as well as one of the most important – where life unfolds and memories are made. When you’ve found the home of your dreams, you tend to know it the minute you walk through the front door. Make the most important decision an informed decision with a home inspection from Target Building Inspections

Target Building Inspections offers a number of home inspection services for home buyers, all with a complete report and our exclusive Preventive Home Maintenance Guide. At Target Building Inspections, we believe that knowledge is power, and our goal is to provide you with the unbiased information you need to buy with Confidence.

Full-Home Inspection

A comprehensive analysis taking 3 to 3 1/2 hours (depending on size of home) inspecting all of the home's major systems. This visual home inspection includes over 300 items, from the foundation to the roof, all major systems of the house (i.e., electrical, plumbing, heating/air conditioning) and the home's interior components. Also covered are items that may need attention after moving into the home.

Items inspected include:

    * Foundation
    * Structure
    * Basement or crawl space
    * Interior and exterior walls
    * Siding
    * Water heater
    * Heating and air conditioning systems
    * Electrical system
    * Plumbing system and fixtures
    * Porches and decks
    * Attic
    * Roof
    * Gutters
    * Fireplace and exterior chimney
    * Interior and exterior doors
    * Built-in appliances
    * Interior stairway components
    * Bathtub and shower wall coverings
    * Kitchen cabinet doors and drawers

Condominium/Townhome Inspection

Like houses, condos and townhouses should also be inspected before purchase. Building Inspection Services extensive inspection of the condominium or townhouse interior reviews the structure, mechanical, and plumbing, electrical and heating/AC systems within the unit, along with any built-in appliances. This inspection takes the home inspector 1 to 2 hours to complete and will provide you with peace of mind in knowing that the unit is sound.

Duplex/Multiplex Inspection

We provide comprehensive inspections for multi-unit properties (duplexes, multiplexes, etc.). Similar to a standard or extended full home inspection, this inspection reviews all visual aspects of the individual units of a property, as well as all shared major systems and structural components.

Manufactured/Mobile Home Inspection

There are many aspects of manufactured and mobile homes that differ from a permanent residence. Similar to a standard or extended full home inspection, the home inspector reviews all visual aspects of all major systems and structural components of the home, as well as items specific to these types of homes including proper bracing and/or anchoring, permanent bolt-on systems and any towing, axles, or vehicular features.

Pre-Offer Inspection

More common in competitive real estate markets with multiple offers, this preliminary, information-only home inspection evaluates a home’s major systems and any potential issues, giving home buyers the information to make an informed decision on whether to place an offer on a property. Pre-offer home inspections take about an hour and are a valuable option in time-sensitive situations.

Home Buyer Consultation

We provide home buyer consultations for homes that have already been inspected by Target Building Inspections. We will review and explain the home inspection report and answer any questions you may have.

We Only Work For You

You can count on Target Building Inspections for a timely and accurate assessment of the condition of your potential new home. We work for you and you only. Our knowledgeable and experienced home inspectors will explain the inspection process and findings to you, and answer any questions you may have at the time of the inspection and afterward should any arise.